Through Loopnest’s Blockchain Acceleration Programme, your company will be equipped with all the resources and know-how to succeed in today’s digital economy. As a part of the end-to-end advisory and close mentorship, the programme will prepare its acceleratees for regulatory compliant fundraising and entrance to a rapidly evolving blockchain economy. As a member of the Fintech Association Hong Kong, Loopnest is also partnered with a Big Four accounting firm, the complete service of which our acceleratees will also enjoy. Upon graduating from the programme, acceleratees will become a part of a continually expanding blockchain ecosystem and supportive alumni community.

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Blockchain Acceleration Programme


  • Company Incorporation
  • Internal Governance Process
  • Tax Considerations
  • Token Economy Optimization


  • Community Management
  • Social Media Engagement Strategy
  • Loopnest Alumni Ecosystem
  • Connect with Key Blockchain Strategic Partners


  • Investment Agreements
  • Founders’ Agreements
  • Partnership Agreements
  • Shareholder Agreements
  • Legal Framework Consulting
  • Token Characterization Analysis
  • Licensing/IP Agreements

Capital Raising

  • Investor Deck
  • Investor Matching
  • Investor Panel Events
  • Direct Investing

Crypto Technical

  • Blockchain Training
  • Smart Contract Validation
  • Technical Consulting

Fundraising Support

  • Exchange Listing Support
  • Publications Review
  • Whitepaper Review
  • Legal/Regulatory Compliance
  • KYC Procedures
  • Wallet Safe-keeping

Loopnest Ecosystem


  • Cultivate a supportive and resourceful community
  • Train and nurture talented blockchain enthusiasts
  • Incubate blockchain unicorn companies
  • Guarantee listing on decentralized exchange

Accredited Blockchain Investment Channel

  • Provide liquidity for the accelerator and decentralized exchange
  • Accessibility to quality blockchain projects
  • Enable easy participation in blockchain investment

Exchange Platform

  • Licensed decentralized exchange platform
  • Support compliant security/utility token trading
  • Highly Secure, liquid and transparent


Terence Lam


Tim Wong

General Counsel

Steven Li

Investor Relations

Brook Li

Investment Lead

Daniel Wang

Honorary Chairman

Allan Kwan


Strategic Partners


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